These internet-famous raccoons out of Indiana are catching shade for their weight. Here's why people need to mind their business.

Dawn Ford has a very successful TikTok channel using the handle @hereforthelaughter. She currently has 313.7 thousand followers and an impressive 5.8 million total likes. The channel's success is no doubt connected to Salem and Lily, her too Raccoon babies.

Dawn, Salem, and Lily have recently gone viral as they are standing up to a little internet fat shaming. Some people just don't know how to coon-duct themselves in a pleasant manner on the internet.

It's possible that this commenter that Dawn is responding to below has nothing but good intentions. However, Dawn seems to be making the point that an average raccoon's lifespan in the wild is 2 years. So, she's making sure her little bandits are enjoying their short lives.

To add to her point, a raccoon's lifespan dramatically increases to 20 years when domesticated according to

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The fat-shaming comment was on the adorable video below. This video has been viewed 12.3 million times so far.

In a video that has been viewed nearly 8 million times, Dawn continues to fight misconceptions about domesticated raccoons.

The number is misguided comments Dawn, Salem, and Lily have received on their videos is bonkers. Like in the video below, for example.

In summary, here's my raccoo-mendation. Enjoy the adorable raccoon content that this Hoosier critter family is sharing with you and before you leave a negative comment, maybe do a little research.

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