The quote "build it and they will come" is not just for baseball.

We all remember that quote from the baseball movie Field of Dreams.  But what this Detroit man has built is my field of dreams.  I can watch squirrels play all in my yard all day.  I've been this way my whole life.  In fact, I rehabbed a baby red squirrel a couple years ago.  Here's a video of Chip playing with my pitbull Hendrix.

OK, enough about my love for squirrels.  Back to James Vreeland.  This guy not only built an awesome outdoor restaurant for squirrels in his yard, but he also did a 'how-to' video to get you started if you want to do the same.

James found himself with time on his hands during the pandemic according to Simplemost,

James Vreeland lives in Detroit, Michigan, and works in the tech industry. However, current conditions have him stuck at home with time (and apparently decent woodworking abilities) on his hands. The results are adorable.

Here's Vreeland's how to video if you want to create your own squirrel picnic table.

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