The Alleged car thief was located and dragged out of shop by his dreds in shocking video.

Bianca Chambers had her beautiful white Mercedes stolen early last week.  She immediately jumped into action by using an app to track her car.  She then called the police and gave them the car's location.  She did this four times over two days.  By the time the police got to the location given to them by Bianca, the car was gone.  That's when she decided to take matters into her own hands.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, she tracked the alleged car thief all around Detroit.  In fact, at one point the Mercedes ended up stopping at a strip mall.  Chambers happens to own a business in that strip mall.  Then on Wednesday, the driver of her Mercedes stopped at a barber shop to get his dreds twisted when she popped in to say hell.  You can see the confrontation as the man is dragged out by his hair in the video below.

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Chambers was so committed to not letting him get away, she slashed the tires on her own car.  It drove her absolutely crazy to see these young guys having a great time driving around in her car.  She was pleasantly surprised to find her car to be very clean when she got it back.  It turns out, the suspect just had the car detailed before he got busted.

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