Trooper Lamb rescues a deer from a wire fence and the adorable moment is caught on video.

It's not every day that you see a video of a Lamb saving a deer from a near-death situation.  This Lamb is Michigan State Trooper Lamb.  The video below starts with dashcam footage of the Trooper heading down I-69 near Olivet, Michigan.  He pulls over to the right shoulder and exits the vehicle.  That's when his body cam shows a doe stuck in a tough situation.  Nobody knows for sure just how long this poor deer was hanging from the top of the wire fence by her rear, left leg.  What we do know for sure, is that deer is very lucky that March came in like a Lamb.

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You may have noticed how the State Trooper did his best to keep the deer calm before releasing her from the wire fence.  Deer are adorable and peaceful animals for the most part.  However, sometimes Bambi and her family can unintentionally harm people.  Last October a deer ran over a teen during a cross-country meet.  You can see that full story by clicking here.

Did you know that it's legal to have a deer as a pet in the state of Michigan as long as you have a permit?  Check out the list of wild animals you can legally domesticate in the Mitten State below.  Some of them may surprise you.

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