This shoplifter allegedly 'hunkered down' in a lawn chair until she was promised that she wouldn't be banned from store.

Some people just don't have a clear understanding on how leverage works during negotiations.  For example, if you are busted shoplifting.  You can't demand that the store that you just allegedly stole from not ban you.  That's what happened at the Home Depot on Allen Road in Woodhaven, MI on April 28th according to The News Herald,

A woman who was detained for allegedly shoplifting in a home improvement store refused to leave until she could speak with a manager, saying she did not want to be banned from the store.

Apparently, the woman sat her butt in a lawn chair on display at Home Depot and wouldn't budge until she could be reassured by a manager that she could continue to "shop" at that Home Depot.

The actually incident seemed quite innocent on it's face.  It appears as though she didn't pay for items like paint brushes and painter's tape that were concealed under several items of mulch.  Honest mistake, right?

Well, unfortunately for the woman in question, a store employee watched the woman intentionally hide the objects.  She later confessed to concealing the items and was issued a citation for retail fraud.

However, there is no answer to the question we're all asking...did she get banned from the store?

I'm not sure what's in the water in Woodhaven, Michigan.  But this kind of thing seems to be a fairly common occurance.  There was the time a woman used a motorized scooter to rob Walmart and the woman who was arrested for stealing a birthday cake from that same Walmart in Woodhaven.

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