Upon scrolling through the internet last week i came upon an interesting fact that never knew before. There is one vegetable that Michigan produces more than any other state across the nation. Guess what it is? Nope, not tomatoes. No, not weed. Easy bulldog...
It's Asparagus. According to Agriculture Facts and Figures from the state government, Michigan produces up to 23 million pounds of asparagus every year. Michigan growers harvest approximately 9,500 acres annually. No joke too, because my dude Saunders' mom, who lives in Mears, MI grows it, and it was the best asparagus I ever had.

The fact is according to Agriculture Facts, the majority of the the state's asparagus is grown near the Lake Michigan shoreline where the moderate temperatures and soils make for good production conditions. Michigan asparagus is hand-snapped above the ground, which yields a more tender and flavorful product. Now I guess we can also take on the title of "The Asparagus State." How prestigious.

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