Watch what happened when nearly 100 people waited in line for several hours in the freezing cold for a PS5 in Troy, Michigan.

Things got heated as people froze Monday Morning outside of a Walmart in Troy.  Why is this even a thing?  A major factor is people creating their own little business hoarding PS5's and selling them for a huge profit on Ebay.  Using bots and other technology I don't understand, some people have sock piled over 1,000 units each.  The PS5 sells out the second they go on sale and that's why.  These game consoles are being sold for a "buy it now" price of $1,999.99 on Ebay right now.  But hey, the shipping is free.  Regular price for the PS5 range from $399 for the digital only version and $499 for the console that uses discs.

Apparently, word spread that the Walmart in Troy had PS5's in stock.  That lead to many people standing in line for many hours in below freezing temps in the hopes of getting their hands on this gaming system.  People were physically fighting for their spot in line as you can see in the video below.

To add insult to injury this Walmart had zero PS5's in stock.  Which lead to Walmart managers calling the police to help with the angry crowd as you can see in a video from WCCO by clicking here.

Have you been successful in snatching up a PS5?  If so, how?

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