Well I just found something to add to my "Why Michigan Is The Creepiest State" list and it's something that makes its way to us from 7078 M-68 in Indian River, just east of Petoskey. Apparently the spot is located within The National Shrine of the Cross in the Woods, a Catholic shrine that draws in visitors of all ages throughout the year. Now, I've been to Petoskey. Besides the casino, there's nothing to do up there, so I imagine this place is a hit.

But once you step inside, you begin to feel that this collection of nun and priest dolls start to keep their eyes on you as you pass by. At least that's the vibe I'm picking up from looking at these pictures. Inside at the nun doll museum you'll find over 525 dolls and 20 mannequins. The collection was started by Sally and Wally Rogalski with the goal of preserving Catholic heritage. Religious or not, I haven't even been to the museum yet and it's already giving me the creeps.

OnlyInYourState showcases the attraction, stating: "Of course, while the religious importance of this spot should be respected, it’s difficult to deny the slight sense of eeriness that comes about in a room full of dolls." The Shrine is privileged to be the home for the largest collection of dolls dressed in traditional habits of men and women religious communities in the United States.

So take a look at these pictures and see if you've got the nerve to visit this site the next time you're up north.

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