It seems like you can't throw a rock without hitting a brewery in the state of Michigan, but according to a study by Zippia, Michigan is not one of the top ten states with the most craft breweries per capita. It just missed, in fact, coming in at number twelve.

Vermont actually has the most breweries per capita, followed by Maine, Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Alaska, Washington, and New Mexico. Ok, sure. Vermont is small. Their population is just for 620,000. I suppose having 56 craft breweries would put them in the running. And Montana might be huge, but residents there are spread far and wide, once again making 68 breweries seem like overkill for the million strong. Of course, the bottom ten, the states with the least breweries per capita shouldn't really surprise anyone; Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgeia, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Jersey, and Nevada.

But I'm really surprised that Michigan wasn't higher on the list. According to, there are 357 breweries in The Mitten, and combined, they're responsible for making nearly 900,000 gallons of beer every single year. Of course, there are nearly ten million thirsty Michiganders. That means there's one brewery for every 28,000 people in the state.

We're definitely not slouches, though when it comes to the quality quaffables our breweries are known for producing. So instead of being forlorn about not making the top ten list on Zippia, we can celebrate our state, and specifically our area, for being known nationally for our fantastic Michigan beer.

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