We've been hearing stories across the world and country about these mysterious monoliths, similar to the ones seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey popping up and people are starting to get freaked out. Recently in the Positively Belding Facebook page, someone posted a picture of what appears to be a monolithic object in Belding, MI. Coincidentally, recently there was a large metal object called a "hood" stolen from Your House of Pizza. The owners posted the following message on their page:

As a small business owner trying to make it through this COVID thing I understand it’s tough for everyone and not just me. With that in mind it’s NOT okay to steal other peoples property. With that said.....Between the hours of 9:45 pm last night (12/1) and 8:00 am this morning someone decided to come on the property of YHOP and steal the huge commercial stainless steel hood that we had taken down during a project. It saddens me that in a community I grew up in and have a business in has people like this. If anyone knows anything please contact me or the Belding PD.

This was quickly thought to have been the missing hood, but after contacting the owners, they confirmed the metal object was not theirs. So could this be another monolith? Nothing has been confirmed yet but sadly for Your House of Pizza, they're still searching for their missing hood. They've contacted the police who are talking to local scrap yards to see if it has been traded in recently. Maybe if we touch the monolith in 2021 our species will advance past the Coronavirus. Probably not, that only happens in movies.

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