When Brittany Keech of Belding, MI got her mail the other day she experienced something straight out of Back To The Future 2, a postcard from was stamped to be delivered to her residence, but arrived 100 years after it had been mailed. The postcard, originally intended to be delivered to Roy McQueen on October 29th, 1920 obviously never came. Brittany posted a picture of the postcard on a Facebook page Positively Belding, and soon there were residents investigating. One woman, Karen Wilcox, was able to find out information on McQueen, saying:

 I found a Roy McQueen, aged 35, living at that address in 1920 with his wife Nora. He was born in 1887; originally from Canada, became a naturalized citizen in 1919. Was a Manager of a Produce Company.

In the time that she made the Facebook post, multiple people with the name McQueen or related to McQueens in the area have reached out and are now doing their own investigating to find out if this may be one of their relatives.

Even the woman responsible for delivering the piece of mail was shocked to deliver something so antiquated:

I delivered it to you today! I thought it was so strange when it came through. It’s time stamped for 8/27/20. So I didn’t know if someone was trying to return it to you for some reason.

As of now, no relative has come forward to claim the mail as belonging to a distant relative, but something tells me this will be resolved soon. What a cool piece of history to just pop in your mailbox.

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