Do you have two ferrets under your shirt or are you just happy to...wait, those are two ferrets.

BREAKING NEWS: everybody store, most homes and many streets have security cameras now.  I just felt like I had to announce that since bonehead criminals keep doing stupid things like their not being watched.

This took place in our great mitten state last week.  A 22-year-old man from Dearborn Heights decided he had to have 2 9 month old ferrets.  He also decided he did NOT have to pay for them.

Security camera caught the suspect in the act according to,

At about 8 p.m. the suspect is seen entering the store and walking up to the ferret display. He opened the cage and selected two ferrets, placing them under his shirt. He then walked out of the store without paying for them. He left in a truck and went west on Ecorse Road.

Allen Park Police did a little digging on facebook and found an interesting facebook post,

In searching the alleged thief’s Facebook account, photos on his page matched the man seen on surveillance video stealing the animals.

He had a post on his account showing him with two ferrets in his hand asking “Who needs a baby - best offer,” as well as another post stating “Best offer - no less than $165 apiece.”

Can you believe this guy?  He walks out of a pet store with ferrets in his shirt then immediately posts their pics on facebook and tries to sell them.  This guy needs a far better business plan.

Apparently, the suspect's girlfriend found out about the theft and returned the babies to the Critters Pet Shop in Allen Park.  The owner of the pet store decided not to press charges.

Come Michigan...we can do better than this.

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