This Bloomfield Township man seems to have a target on his back on this dating site.

This unnamed Michigan man has been spending lots of time and money video chatting with women on the Zoosk dating website.  He's not spending his money on the actual video chat as much as he getting scammed left and right by the "ladies" he's chatting with according to the Oakland Press,

The victim told officers that the women said they needed help claiming an inheritance or trying to leave an abusive boyfriend, and that there were extenuating circumstances which required them to have large sums of money to resolve. He also provided money to them for what was supposedly overseas travel expenses, hospital stays and car repairs, police said.

I really do feel bad for this guy.  Sure, it's easy to make fun of him in this situation.  But the several times he was scammed by what appeared to be women in need, they were taking advantage of his big heart, I assume.

I guess it's time for a friendly reminder.  Do NOT send money to people you meet on dating sites and/or apps.

Be careful out there.

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