Oh here we go. I was waiting for the comic relief to kick start our weekend and here it is. The Wyandotte Police Department said 65-year-old Kenneth Cook pulled his boat up to one of the city's upscale restaurants with "six bikini clad women, all half his age," according to WXYZ. The group was turned away from the restaurant as they were all reportedly too intoxicated. "According to police, Cook refused to leave and insulted and threatened people and staff at the boat, and then turned the radio up to annoy everyone. Wyandotte police were called, and say Cook ignored their commands to get off the boat."

According to the original Facebook post on the WPD's page:  The gentleman fired it (the boat) up and took off down the river, waving his middle finger at us and throwing out a lot of colorful insults. Unlucky for him WPD had an officer on a Wayne County Marine detail with the sheriffs. The man and his crew were located and stopped near the Ambassador Bridge by the County unit he was arrested.

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