Imagine realizing you won the lottery but threw the ticket away.  That happened to this Michigan man.

This Munger, Michigan man, who wishes to remain anonymous always played the same numbers.  So, when he saw the winning lotto numbers on Oct 10th he couldn't believe his eyes.  He won almost $5 million.  But then, couldn't find his ticket.  According to,

The player bought his winning ticket at B&D Mini Mart, located at 32 West Munger Road in Munger.

“I have been playing the same numbers on Lotto 47 for more than two years,” said the player. “I always use the same playslip to buy my tickets. In fact, a few months ago I accidentally threw it away and had to climb in a dumpster to get it back. I am so lucky that I found it!

To dig deeper into the dumpster of cash there's more money waiting to be claimed from this very same drawing according to the Detroit Free Press,

Another lottery player also matched all six numbers in the same drawing —  05-12-24-31-35-42, but has yet to claim the other half of the $9.64-million jackpot.

The thought of dumpster diving makes me a little queasy.  However, I would dig shoulder deep through trash for far less than $4.8 million.


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