The crazy things that people put as additional interests or hobbies on resumes will leave you scratching your head.

The good people at analyzed over 3.5 million resumes to come up with these findings,

We gathered up the most disproportionately common interests found on people’s resumes in each state across the country, by analyzing a veritable boatload of resumes. 3,543,017 to be exact. We then looked at which keywords appeared in people’s additional interests the most across the country.

Think of this as a cautionary tale as you are looking for work during the pandemic.  For example, I'm not sure why a wookie would be mentioned in a resume.  However, that word pops up more than you'd expect on resumes in Alabama.  So, how weird did the Midwest look in these findings?  I guess it could be worse.

Michigan resumes mention the word "Ford" an unusual amount of times.  That's not too weird, right?  Ohio people are dropping the name "Lebron."  But Indiana resumes have the word "drones" an uncommonly large amount of times as their special interest.

How weird can a state really get when it comes to the special interest or hobbies section of resumes?  Here are my five favorites.

#5. Maine - Leather

#4. Texas - Bigfoot

#3. Wisconsin - Rapping

#2. South Carolina - Zeus

#1. Alaska - Klingon

Someone please explain to me how on earth any of those words would be used in a resume.  You can check out the full list by clicking here.

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