The WMU Broncos and the Michigan Wolverines both had a great Saturday.  Here are Saturdays scores.

How do you come back from a disappointing 0-2 start to your football season?  If you're Western Michigan, you do it by beating Delaware State by 68 points. 

WMU (1-2) beat Delaware State (0-3) 68-0
Weatern Michigan plays Georgia State (1-2) at 2 PM Saturday, 9/22


Michigan had a pretty big victory Saturday too.  But it's worth noting the Wolverines 2 wins came again win-less teams so far this season.  Great news, U of M will be playing another win-less team this week.

U of M (2-1) beat SMU (0-3) 45-20
Michigan plays Nebraska (0-2) Saturday, 9/22 at Noon.

The Spartans had the week off but will be playing a football team that has come out of nowhere this season to dominate every team they play.  Saturdays game again IU will be a tough one.

MSU (bye week)
Michigan State (1-1) plays IU (3-0) on Saturday, 9/22 at 7:30 PM.

The Central Michigan Chippewas have had a rough start losing their first 3 games.  This Saturday will not be any easier.

CMU (0-3) lost to Northern Illinois (1-2) 24-16
CMU will play Maine (2-0) Saturday, 9/22 at 3 PM.


BONUS VIDEO:  WMU’s Marching Band Performance @ The Big House 9/8/18

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