A popular fitness themed t-shirt company, based in Michigan, has been hit with a cease and desist order from Attorney General Dana Nessel's office.

Who Are They?

The online shop, Fitness Tee Co., has long been popular in my circle. Mostly, because I can't resist a workout tank with a witty phrase boldly printed on the front. They sell a number of products like tanks, sleeveless shirts, cropped hoodies and more. All of their products have different sayings on the front like the picture above. It reads: Real Unicorns Have Curves. Or like this one which I chose specifically for the boxing and kickboxing class I was taking:

TSM/Chelsea Rose
TSM/Chelsea Rose

You get the picture. Although I own several of their tanks, I haven't ordered anything recently. So, when I saw that they were issued a cease and desist letter I was very surprised.

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What Did They Do?

It turns out, the Michigan General Attorney received several complaints from consumers about Fitness Tee Co., as reported by WWMT News Channel 3. Apparently, people were waiting weeks to receive their orders. Other complaints made included:

failure to meet customers' quality expectations, an inability for customers to contact the business about concerns or refunds, and a failure to fill orders in a timely manner.


The official cease and desist letter, which you can read here, went on to say that during a phone conversation the owner of Fitness Tee Co. admitted that they knew these issues were happening and blamed it on a third party customer service provider and a lack of staff due to Covid-19. Although, they kept taking orders despite knowledge of the ongoing issues. That's when it became an unlawful business practice.

The attorney general may bring a class action lawsuit against the company if these practices continue.


Just yesterday, I received an email from Fitness Tee Co. promoting a new sale and the website seems fully operational with all products available for purchase. Does that mean the company has caught up with backorders? I'm not sure. Have people been issued refunds or replacement orders? Again, I don't know. With that being said, my previous positive experiences with the company aside, I would encourage you to practice caution with any online shopping experience. Check the reviews, check the BBB website, and make sure you're getting your money's worth.

If you're a customer who has experienced these issues with Fitness Tee Co. you can contact the attorney general's office to make your complaint at 877-765-8388.

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