While scrolling through Tiktok I came across a video from the account Mi_Playground that teased a rather dangerous adventure.

These men boldly proclaimed that they were going to travel from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron using only paddleboards. Well, color me impressed. I can barely stand on a paddle board let alone travel long distances.

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"How brave these men must be!" I thought as I imagined the preparation, the planning, and other safety measures that must have been taken ahead of this trek. This is the path that I imagined:

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

And then...I actually watched the video...

Alright. They got me.

While they teased a trek from Lake Michigan to Huron they didn't specify where. It turns out to be a much shorter trip than I imagined...right under Mackinac bridge at the very tip of the mitten.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

This video, obviously meant as an inside joke for Michiganders, gained mi_playground over 118 thousand views and plenty of witty comments like:

Cherri T said: whew, how did you make it that far?

Amy commented: Tell me you're from Michigan without telling me you're from Michigan.

Great Lakes Great Responsibility wrote: What a journey. I need a minute by minute breakdown.

And George H. threw in a Dad joke with: you guys are Superior

The brothers behind the Tiktok account mi_playground describe themselves as outdoor enthusiasts and dedicate their platform to exploring Michigan. You can follow them on Tiktok here or check out their Youtube channel here.

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