Coming to the Barn Theatre on October 22nd is the world famous spirit medium Maureen Hancock.

Ever had a dream where a loved one who has passed away appears, or you simply just sense you're not alone? Well, may you are sensing the presence of those who have left our world.

Maureen Hancock has been in touch with the spirit world since she was 5 years old. At the age of 7, she had lead poisoning and spent time in the hospital where she saw ghosts. Her old sister told her not to tell anyone, because people would think she was crazy.

It was then Maureen decided to kept her gift to herself. At the age of 25 Maureen was in an awful car accident. Maureen fell asleep at the wheel and broke every bone in her face. A week before the crash, Maureen's  Grandmother passed away and Maureen credits her survival of the wreck to her late Grandmother.

Maureen was working at an airport on 9-11 and that is when she left her job and embraced her talent as a spirit medium and a holistic healer.

Since then Maureen as comforted thousands of people dealing with the death and the hole it can leave in ones heart.  According to the Boston Globe

"it is no exaggeration to say that she has her audience — many of whom have lost children to drugs, disease, or suicide — on the edge of their seats. They paid $50 a person. They so want to believe. You can see it in their widened eyes. And, by the end of the night, most do."

Not only does Maureen comfort people, she is also a big supporter of the cancer foundation, and a Mother of 2 young boys.

Maureen has 4 to 5 hundred requests for reading every week and soon you will have a chance for a personal reading with Maureen...don't you wonder who your guardian angel is?

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