With the announcement last weekend that the Lions and quarterback Matthew Stafford have decided to "part ways" (that's the new, trendy, non-pointing a finger, way of saying someone is fired but in this case it's probably accurate, as reports have Stafford asking the Lions to trade him and the Lions not really objecting to that idea), there's a revived sense of urgency to sell the family homestead.

Rancho Stafford, or whatever you choose to call it, went on sale back in June of 2020, with the Staffords denying it had anything to do with where Matthew wanted to be plying his trade, but flash forward seven months later, and the Lions are looking to move their QB and the Staffords just waiting to find out where to point the moving vans.

Now, there just might be a perfect buyer already lined up here in Michigan. Somewhere in the vicinity of Novi is a person in possession of a billion dollar lottery ticket. So the Staffords' asking price of $6.5 Million isn't really a problem.

But it's a perfect day for a daydream, so take a look at this, well, it's not a fixer-upper, at the dream house and imagine waking up here and pour a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise, or maybe pouring yourself a cold one and watching a Michigan sunset.

In the original story I wrote back last summer, MLive was reporting the Staffords love the house, but they have four kids under the age of five. And that legitimately was a good reason to sell this place and find something less near that amount of water. And I said  "any parent understands that is just asking for bad things to happen".

So I just checked and the Bloomfield Township estate is still on the market for $6.5 Million. After a second glance at the photographs of the place, I still wonder, what does this place look like on an average day, when it's not being photographed. Oh, to just see one dirty dish on the counter, or a couple of toys strewn in the family room.

The house is 12,000 square feet. (I'd say, imagine the heating or air conditioning bill, but it all comes back to, if you have to ask about that, you can't afford it, anyway.)

Some of the features include a two-island kitchen, which is convenient. There's a basketball court from when the Pistons played at the now demolished Silverdome. That's cool, too.

Some of the other amenities are a wine cellar and five fireplaces (see the comment above about heating and cooling),

One last thing, I wrote in June about the home's "sleek and modern design. I guess that's where personal preference comes in the play. If you like sleek and modern, then you'd love this place. The design strikes me as a little sterile. It's reminiscent of a modern suburban medical building. But that's just me."

And mowing the lawn, on a humid afternoon, that's an all day project.

So good luck to the soon-to-be former owners of this place, and happy trails.

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Matthew and Kelly Stafford Estate For Sale

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