Lot's of people were excited to see Adam Levine and the boys from Maroon 5 yesterday at the Super Bowl. They were joined on stage with Travis Scott and Big Boi from the group, Outkast. During the performance, naturally, Adam Levine was losing more and more clothing as the songs went on. This wasn't a problem with all the basics out there who find anyone who's skinny with tattoos attractive.

As he got down to his tank top, an Ohio man noticed something strangely familiar about the shirt Adam was wearing. It was almost an identical match to his curtains:

I'm not sure if the shirt and the curtains were made by the same manufacturer, but it's a stunning match. Lots of people are claiming the performance was as basic and boring as the game itself. Many people claim the highlight was clips of Spongebob Squarepants being played during the halftime show, which I agree with.

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