It's truly the season of scary movies and fear and a local haunted village provides all of that with a truly horrifying experience. Being the new guy in town, I feel it important to get to know my new home. I've been lucky enough to make new friends already at the station. John Mason, a DJ at one of our sister stations invited me to a haunted walk in the woods located in Augusta at The Olde World Village called "The Haunted Hallow."


The moment we walked up I knew it was gonna be a fun and frightening time. Marcus Mucus, the creepy gatekeeper greeted us with a live chicken and a scythe. From there he gave us all the warnings we needed to know while inside.

Once inside you'll find a blackout room, and long, whinding pathway filled with dark corners, flashing lights and creepy scenarios that will literally make your skin crawl.

I haven't been to one of these in years and I have to be honest when I tell you that the fear and anxiety level was at an all time high while walking through this haunted path which ends with an insanely complex maze that requires some team work to escape.

Just a side note: Don't be scared away by bad weather. In fact, I suggest going when it's raining. With the combination of rain and heat lightning, we got the full horror movie experience accompanied with frightened teenagers.

This place is a ton of fun and will give you a great scare for the Halloween season.

The Haunted Hallow is Open all October long on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m. to Midnight. It's not suggested for anyone under 17. Tickets are just $10 or $15 to skip the lines and go right to the gate! Get a hold of your friends and make plans to go there this weekend! Located at...

13215 M 96
Augusta, Michigan

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