This past weekend I had a lot of fun breaking out of my comfort zone to explore more of my new city of Kalamazoo. I discovered the perfect place to grab brunch and I was left speechless with how great of an experience it was.

Crow's Nest is truly a one of a kind restaurant. It almost seemed as if the menu was formed to accommodate those who have strong allergies, like the friend who I was dining with. My friend Shannon is a vegan because of that reason and Crow's Nest was able to provide an extensive selection of meals she would be able to enjoy. That's one of the things that stands out the most. They make it very easy for those who are picky eaters to feel welcome and not be limited to one or two items.

I on the other hand enjoy meat and I could not believe how fresh everything tasted. You can really tell all of their ingredients are fresh. The butter grilled sea salt focaccia I got with my omelette was one of the best tasting breads I've ever had.

I loved the small shop atmosphere. The service and the setting their staff provided made it feel like they truly appreciated our business. The menu is built for your enjoyment at any time of the day and offers easy substitutions. They are even open 24 hours from Friday 8 a.m. until Sunday 9 p.m.  If you're looking for a great spot with variety, freshness and a great small town dining atmosphere... check out Crow's Nest.