Police are on the hunt to track down a man who recorded a video of himself basically cornering a dog and sucker punching it multiple times in the side of the face. Detroit Pit Crew are offering a $2,000 reward for any information which will no doubt lead to the arrest of the man who recorded the video and the man who punched the pitbull on Snapchat late last week. When the video surfaced Friday, Clinton Township Police Department and Macomb County Animal Control were quick to get to a suspected location where the incident may have taken place, according to The Detroit News.

Unfortunately when police arrived, neither the dog nor the owner were located. Anyone with information regarding this matter is urged to contact Clinton Township Police Department at (586) 286-8000 or Macomb County Animal Control at (586) 469-5115. Those with information can also contact us the Detroit Pit Crew online. Please help find this scum. YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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