This tornado comes within feet of this guy's truck.

I've survived quite a few tornadoes in my life.  In 7th grade, I watched a tornado rip the roof off of my house in Alabama.  It happened again in 8th grade.  We then moved to Michigan.

I've seen the mighty power of tornadoes first hand.  You'll never catch me getting as close as this guy got.  Well, I guess he had no choice.

This tornado is the largest I have ever seen.  Watch this amazing video below.

*SHOCKING TORNADO VIDEO FROM ILLINOIS*: A driver traveling through Rochelle Thursday came about as close as you can possibly get to a massive, EF-4 tornado without being swept up and almost killed. - WSAV Meteorologist Matt DevittCredit: Aaron Rooney - YouTube

Posted by WSAV News 3 On Your Side on Sunday, April 12, 2015