[VIDEO] My relationship with Richard Marx hit a hazard.  I was a big fan before the day he yelled at me.  But I won't be satisfied until we find peace.

You've probably heard me talk about this before and I keep coming back.  I'll be right here waiting for Richard Marx to help me finish whatever we started.  Please share this with Richard Marx on Twitter and Facebook. #MakeRichardMarxNiceAgain

Help mend this relationship.  Check out the video below.

The whole beef started last Feburary.  I did a story about Richar Marx coming to Kalamazoo and promoted an upcoming interview with him.  Then I received an email from his management team saying he had to cancel the interview.  I then tweeted to the audience that Richard Marx had to cancel.  He felt I was trying to ruin his reputation.  My intention was to simply inform the audience that the interivew I had previously promoted was cancelled, this I promise you.

Full disclosure: after Richard Marx yelled at me on the phone and posted an angry tweet to me about my lack of professionalism I went off the deep end and created mean memes on twitter and instagram.  I'm sorry about that.


Bonus Video:  How To Start a Twitter Beef With A Celebrity - Dana's Den


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