Recently, a 75 year old white guy got in a twitter beef with rapper Meek Mill.  That proves anything is possible.

Before I tell you how to start a twitter beef with a celebrity, let me explain the old white guy vs rapper twitter war.

Norm Kelly is a 75 year old city councilman of Toronto and he's a HUGE Drake fan.  FYI, Drake is from Toronto.  When a war of words began between Drake and rapper Meek Mill, Norm was quick to jump in.  It got!

For example, the following tweet received over 60,000 retweets:


OK, my twitter beef wasn't nearly as fun as that.  However, it was heated.  My twitter beef started with a pop star completely misunderstanding a tweet and going ballistic on me.  He even called my office to yell at me.  It was insane.

I then created very negative memes of Richard Marx and deleted all of his music from my personal collection and the studio computer.

There's a brief back story.  Now I give you episode 1 of Dana's Den.

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