This offer probably affects a very small amount of people in southwest Michigan, but for those vehicles that do use the Mackinac Bridge pass, this sticker, it could save you a buck, literally.

The Bridge Pass stickers are free until July 1st, for drivers who have MacPass accounts.

The advantage of the window-mounted MacPass sticker is that it allows contact-less passing through the Mackinac Bridge Toll booths. If you're familiar with I-Pass and EZ-Pass, this system is similar to that, but its main drawback is it's not a part of the other networks that I-Pass and EZ-Pass belong to. Users have to decide for themselves whether the MacPass system is worth the fairly big initial money outlay versus the new Covid-19 era rules that only allows credit car use. But for those already using this system, the sticker allows them to not have to stop and scan their pass card.

The pass sticker affixed to the windshield allows for its code to be scanned and its account to be automatically debited. While many have been using this type of system for years throughout the interstate system, in the Midwest, and elsewhere, this electronic debiting system is relatively new to the Mackinac Bridge, having started last fall.

Those who have cottages or second homes in the Upper Peninsula may find some convenience in this, especially in light of the global pandemic, and not having contact with toll booth employees. The Mackinac Bridge Authority says the non-commercial passenger version of the MacPass takes a beginning deposit of $80, plus a $7 set up fee, while commercial accounts start with $200 deposits, but there are discounts for "commuters", who go both directions within 36 hours.

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