The Garden Griddle in Paw Paw is already making holiday moves as 11 days before Christmas, kids are invited to come have lunch with Santa Claus. But space is limited for this exCLAUSive event. Entry is $15 per child. For the children, the Garden Griddle  will have bagel wreath pizzas, a fruit cup, and Christmas cookies to decorate (there will also be Gluten Free options available as well). But that's not all, Santa Claus will also be bringing presents himself to start Christmas early.

All adults who attend with their children will be able to order off of a regular menu. The Garden Griddle is requesting you message them through Facebook or call them in Paw Paw at (269) 415-0036 to reserve your spot. Christmas isn't too far away now and what better way to get the kids excited for Ole' Saint Nick then to enjoy this lunch with them. It'll give them time to score some last minute "good" points.

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