I recently came across a picture of a shack in Alba, Michigan (Ya, that’s where it’s at) that looks like it would be the perfect romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day. The building is adorned with bright colors and striped with hearts all over it. People were calling at the love shack, particularly on one post on the Michigan history Facebook page. I was curious what it was and who even owned it.

Unfortunately, you don’t need to bother bring your jukebox money because it’s not for rent. In fact a guy named David Eby lent his voice, as he was actually living in the structure at one point as a kid,
“I grew up there. My dad built that place in the late 60's. He put the hearts on after I moved to Florida.” There’s no word if the whole shack shimmies, but he did say the shack has new owners:
We sold it after my dad and grandmother passed away years ago to the Shepherd family from Alba. They have since sold it to someone from Mancelona that uses the property for hunting.
So even though its tin roof isn’t rusted, the house still stands as a cool side road attraction. So if you’re ever headed for a love getaway, make a stop and snag a picture of the funky little shack set way back in the middle of a field.
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