Here's your chance to show Michiganders just how adorable your pup really is. Michigan Lottery wants to feature your dog on their latest scratch off ticket. And hopefully that adorable dog can bring some extra luck for some lottery players.

What Ticket Will Feature Your Dog?

Thousands of lottery players will see your dog featured on lottery tickets starting next year. According to MLive, The Michigan Lottery is now accepting photo applications from around the state. You'll be able to submit a photo application of your dog from now until December 8th. And the Michigan Lottery isn't choosing just one dog, but they're accepting applications to choose 30 dogs to appear on the new ticket. The new ticket is the 'Lucky Dog' instant ticket that will appear next year.

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How to Get Your Dog On the New Ticket

Along with the photo of your adorable dog, you'll also want to include a short bio as well. Letting the Michigan Lottery know how awesome your dog is and why they should be chosen. If they do choose your dog as one of 30 to be featured on the tickets, they will call you to let you know your pup is a winner. You'll also be able to track which dogs are the 'top lucky dogs' as the contest gets rolling. The $1 instant ticket is expected to launch on June 4, 2024, but the winners of the contest will be announced in the spring. Prizes will range from $1 all the way up to $5,000.

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