The Covid- 19 situation has taken a toll on a lot of hard working people. One major group of people affected by this are all of the local musicians that have been forced to cancel many paying gigs. For a lot of them, this is how they make a living. When the world stops and you're no longer able to provide an income, it makes it difficult to think of how you're going to pay your bills.

When this broke out, someone decided to create a Facebook group specifically for suffering artists to live stream shows from their house, and have them put up info which would allow them to collect tips. Since the groups inception, there have been over 36,000 members that have been added to the page. It's a good way to allow musicians to express themselves and be heard during this difficult time. Many local Kalamazoo and Michigan artists have performed shows on the page. I definitely suggest you follow the group and support them any way you can.

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