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Live Nation Will Require Vaccine For Concertgoers
Live Nation made a huge announcement stating that being Oct 4. concertgoers will be required to have a COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend their concert. Live Nation is the biggest event coordinator/promoter in the game, and if they're saying you have to be vaccinated to attend one of their events you better believe everyone else will soon follow suit...
Good Lord Knows, I Need A Workout. You, Too?
It's not just that I need to hit the gym, it's just the accumulative effect of having done very little since March. I've tried to exercise at home, but my favorite machine at the gym is that fancy expensive elliptical machine. Thirty minutes and I get a nice cardio workout and generally break a sweat.
Tips to Stretching That Stimulus Check
If you're looking for a great way to use your stimulus money to save for your future, dedicate that money to what your family needs most right now, or how to help your friends and neighborhood businesses during this time, read on. These are nine tips on how you can make your stimulus money stretch.

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