Over the past few weeks we've been urging people to send us a picture of their Christmas decorations for the chance to win $500. Our friends at Culligan of Kalamazoo have given one lucky family the opportunity to put some extra cash in their wallets for the holidays. We got a bunch of amazing submissions and dwindling it down to the Top 3 was not an easy choice. But our judges got together and have chosen the following houses as the Top among the submissions:

James Klingerman of Schoolcraft

Dustin Snyder of Paw Paw

Pamela Sours in Sherwood

The decision was tough to decide who among these three houses showed the most holiday spirit but the decision has been made. The winner of the $500 prize and Light Up Kalamazoo 2020 is James Klingerman of Schoolcraft!

Thank you to everyone who participated and showed some holiday cheer! Who knows, we may just do this again next year. Enjoy all the entries below and have a Merry Christmas.

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Light Up Kalamazoo Entries