Many men rolls their eyes, but there is something about hot, sexy shoes, that just does something for many women. If you don't get it, you don't get it. But if you want it, good news. The Detroit Free-Press says a Jimmy Choo shoe store is opening in suburban Detroit. A store in one of those expensive destination places, Somerset Collection in Troy (the city of tomorrow today).

As the memory of Payless fades from our collective consciousness, there's a lot of people with money to burn, as Jimmy Choo was acquired by Michael Kors for over a billion dollars in 2017. That's a lot of stilettos and straps.

Jimmy Choo Oscar 2003 Shoe Collection
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The store had its grand opening today at Somerset. It's located on the south end of the Mall next to Saks Fifth Ave.

What's interesting in all this is, at the same time so many retailers, including the aforementioned Payless Shoe Source, are closing their doors, a Jimmy Choo is opening. It does point up how hard it is to figure out the consuming public. While the general consensus is consumers under 30 would prefer to buy everything online, still a billion dollar business like Jimmy Choo is opening a store front in a mall. And malls are the biggest white elephants of them all.


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