The Boozy Broads put down the wine glasses and learn how to pole dance at Fly Fit in Kalamazoo

Julia at Fly Fit, located at 5015 East Michigan Ave in Kalamazoo, (Sprinkle Road, next to Biggie Coffee), took the time to build up our confidence, strengthen our muscles, and enjoy some girl time with us!  Most workouts are stressful, and painful but that's not the case at Fly Fit where you leave smiling, feeling powerful, SEXY and excited about the next class.

Walking through the door, you are warmly welcomed in a private studio. From there you participate in a warm up, a mild muscle building session, and then you dance! It doesn't matter if you are young, old, in shape, or not, if you walk through the door, you are in for a treat!

Julia makes every class fun, focused and exciting for everyone involved. Most time spent at the gym is all about what you need to improve on, but at Fly Fit it is all about what can you do, not what you need to learn how to do.

Want to release your inner Diva? Here is how...

Julia, the Pro and instructor at Fly Fit

Bonus Video

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