On 'National Wine Day' our boss Kate brought the Boozy Broads a treat!

Today is 'National Wine Day' and our AWESOME boss Kate brought the 'Boozy Broads' a little treat this morning...cold fresh wine!!!!

Kate knows our passion for radio and wine, and that girl brought it all together!

Gotta say thank you to the powers that be for giving us such a fun, positive boss to work for!

Some Ways To Drink Wine That You Never Knew Was Available!

Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve has created a wine-infused coffee. They spent two years working a house made red into coffee beans. The coffee has a hint of blueberry. A half pound bag sells for $19.95

The Crossroad Company, of Baltimore, Maryland, has created a wine ice cream. Flavors include chocolate covered strawberry and mixed berry. Cartons cost $14.99. Liquid nitrogen is used to create the ice cream


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