It was announced last month that Bizarre Bazaar which is normally held at Bell's Eccentric Cafe would sadly be shutting down their seasonal event because of Covid-19. But following suite from many other events, they've decided to run this summer's event virtually. In an effort to help the artists and crafters boost sales and gain exposure to new customers, several artists will be featured throughout the 2-day event, on the Bizarre Bazaar Virtual Facebook event page. You'll be able to shop the artist's online store or contact them directly for additional information.

To help aide participants, they've made a step by step guide to the first ever Virtual Bizarre Bazaar:

1 - "The Biz Baz" is happening in the event DISCUSSION section so “click” discussion to enter and check out their work.

2 - SCROLL through the discussion to view all of the vendor posts. Artists will post product photos and/or videos along with instructions on how to purchase. You can check posts for links to their website or online shop/e-commerce page like Etsy or Shopify.

3 - During the event weekend, the pinned post in the discussion section will have a list of vendors. Biz Baz encourages everyone to keep scrolling to be sure you have seen all of the product posts and all of the vendors.

4 - The Biz Baz official hours are 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday, but they really encourage everyone to visit anytime. “Refresh” your computer/phone screen every time you enter to make sure new comments or additions made to vendor booth posts are visible. Also, check the comments under each vendor booth post as some may have new products or purchase links added.

5 - SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL, don’t miss out on everyone’s posts. The last post you see could be your must-have.

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