Many Kalamazoo residents took to twitter with their feelings on Trump becoming the next President of the United States of America.  Most of them are too graphic to share...

Here are tweets from the Kalamazoo area either happy or VERY unhappy about the results of this presidential election.  Well, here are the ones I can share without offending 99% of my readers.

This may appear to be a joke, but I think it's legit. 


Dan Merkle has an awesome call back to the guy who predicted the Cubs World Seriers victory in his 1993 yearbook.


Kaleigh has more of an optimistic focus on the future.


John Avery seems to be very happy with the election outcome. 


Alexis clearly tweeted this statement during the first quarter of the Broncos game.


Nick is echoing the fears of many in this tweet.


It's hard to argue this point.  Coverage of the election was more reality TV than fact.


Many of us are guilty of unfriending and/or unfollowing friends during this election.  


Fear seems to be a common theme on twitter right now.



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