World famous comedian Hasan Minhaj has two stops in Michigan for his new one man show, 'The King's Jester.'

Many of us know Hasan from his hilarious reporting on the 'Daily Show' on Comedy Central (2014-2018.)  Maybe you know from his show 'Patriot Act' (2018-2020.)  I think it's safe to say almost everyone knows him for the very thoughtful and hilarious comedy special 'Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King.'

Hasan recently announced his new tour called 'The King's Jester.'  In fact, they've expanded the tour according to his twitter,

Due to overwhelming demand we’re adding EVEN MORE shows.

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Tickets are still available to see Hasan Minhaj at at DeVos Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 24th and Fox Theatre in Detroit on September 25th.

Tickets for the Grand Rapids show range from $40 - 70.  Click here for tickets.

Tickets for the Detroit show range from $45 - $75.  Click here for tickets.

Aside from Hasan Minhaj doing very though provoking comedy about relationships, his culture and politics.  He took a stand and testified before the House Financial Services Committee about the current student loan crisis in the United States.  He called out specific members of Congress by telling them how much they paid for college as compared to what students going to those same universities have to pay today.  We all know the student loan situation in America is an absolute mess.  However, these numbers are eye opening.  Watch the video below.

His incredibly intelligent approach to comedy and serious world issues show just how much Hasan Minhaj and former 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart have in common.  That is really on display in the video below of Minhaj killing it at the 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner.  The video has been viewed over 15 million times.

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