No matter how old you are, Christmas is brings everyone of us something special.

Every year there is one gift that stands out from all the rest, and we cherish it. Recently Mark Frankhouse  reported that...

They determined it by searching Google trends to see the most search toys by state. It turns out the Michigan keep that classic and our favorite toy is Lego Friends. We weren't the only state who loves legos either, as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois all were trending that search as well. I love how people still rep classic toys and don't get zombified by technology. Way to keep it old-school Michigan!

Maybe the gift is a lego but for many, the gift could be big or small; sometimes a present comes from a loved one or yourself. No mater how that present finds it way to your heart and home, it's special.

Debbie L. stated "Taking 3 days off social media. Cheers to me."

Cathy L. said "December 26th"

Heidi K. said "Coffee maker"

Brandon J. responded with  "Ancestry kit"

Paige S. said "Time with my family"

I hope that what Saint Nick left under your tree, or the gift to yourself that you love it.

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