It's something we all experience at some point. We're running behind and have to run and get gas but skipped out on a meal. Luckily, gas stations have evolved to basically take care of any last resort cravings or sustenance needs when we need something fast. 7/11 changed the game back in the day when they introduced taquitos, and since then we've seen a bunch of gas stations pick up on the trend and offer hot food when you need it.

I wanted to search for some of the best gas stations in the Kalamazoo area that you can score some hot food from. There was some awesome feedback on our Facebook post, along with some Cringey Karens who contributed less than nothing:

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  • Dawn Potter- Romence and S. Sprinkle Rd. - chicken and everything is delicious!
  • Daniel Murray- BP got some good pizza. And 100% gasoline no ethanol....
  • Rob Hall- Are you kidding me?? How about....NONE! Smh
  • Dani Perry- Shell Gas Station Chester Fried chicken.
  • Krissy McGlocklin- Speed way coffee is fire that's where it ends tho... no gas station food for me.

Apparently, there is a gas station in the U.P that we are missing out on bigtime called Holiday which, according to one Yooper, has things you wouldn't believe:

The best chain one is holiday unfortunately. It’s far from Kwik Trip but the heat yourself sandwiches and hot dogs are not bad. The cold stuff is ok too. There are a few hidden gems around the UP that sell smoked fish, pasties, jerky, and other local items that are always worth trying.

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