A plan was presented to the city commission yesterday, Monday, Sept. 16th that would make way for more parking spaces and more spots for vendors to set up in the Kalamazoo Farmers Market located at 1204 Bank Street in Kalamazoo. According to MLive, The city commission approved a $37,000 purchase of property located on the site and accepted a $500,000 grant on Monday, Sept. 16, and both items are congruent to the updated layout and improvements planned for the market.

According to their projected outcome, there will be 350 paved parking spaces added to the grounds, 40% more vendor spaces, new indoor facilities, and updated activity spaces and a play area. The plan also includes a complete refurbishing of the existing vendor sheds and the addition of a “substantial new shed” along the west ends, which will act as new vendor spaces. This will no doubt help with the sale of produce and food goods, as more local growers will be able to set up shop, but also bring in more vendors during other events, such as the vintage sale.

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