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I love me a good farmers market. In addition to the opening of The Root Beer Stand and Bell's Oberon Day, another telltale sign of spring's impending arrival is when local farmer's markets throughout Southwest Michigan begin to open for the season.

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But what if you didn't have to wait until spring to enjoy all the local offerings of your favorite farmers market?

I'm so thankful Jordan Graft recently shared this lesser-known fact in the Kalamazoo Foodie Facebook group:

So I don't know if this is common knowledge? Kalamazoo has an amazing winter farmers market. I just moved here and it's the best one I've ever been to...all fresh from local farms. Everything we bought was SO GOOD... It's such a gem

Did you have any idea there was a winter farmers market in the Kalamazoo area? Because I did not.

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash
Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

Kalamazoo Winter Market

This indoor market is located inside the St. Joseph Parish at 936 Lake Street in Kalamazoo. The winter market typically opens for the season after the Thanksgiving holiday on Small Business Saturday.

Many of the vendors you'll see at Kalamazoo's outdoor farmers market can also be found at the winter market! According to the event Facebook page you'll find plenty of "Fresh-Friendly-Local" goods including produce, meats, eggs, baked goods, specialty foods, plus arts and crafts.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

When Is The Market Open?

You can shop the Kalamazoo Winter Market from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each Saturday now through the month of April. Says one frequent shopper Jeff Voissem, "Kalamazoo Winter Market is a great bridge from the end of the outdoor market in November until it opens up again in May."

Here's what others had to say:

  • "The Kalamazoo Winter Market IS a gem and has been going on for at least 12 years and probably the most underutilized resource for fresh, locally produced and grown food." - Rebecca Suzanne Angela
  • "...the summer market is AMAZING. I’ll have to make a point to find the winter market and go soon." Brooke Seevers
  • "Thank you so much for sharing this! We had no idea this existed!" - Kristin Marie

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