One thing I really like about Kalamazoo is that for years, it’s been a hotbed for creative and fun music. Not only do we have tons of awesome music venues but we also have a strong local scene. Hopefully once this pandemic is over, will be seeing a lot more local shows again. I’m also a fan of hitting up the record stores and seeing what gems I can come across. Yesterday, one such thing happened.

Strangely enough I was in a pawnshop going through the record collection when I came across a record by a band called FAQ which is an acronym for Foolish American Quartet. The record was actually sealed and had never been bought. When I turn it over I realized this was a Kalamazoo band because of where the post office box was marked as. Then I discovered that the album itself was recorded at Wayside West in 1989. There was no way I was going to pass this up.
Mark Frankhouse TSM
Mark Frankhouse TSM
I brought it home and immediately turned it on and it was actually pretty enjoyable. The style was kind of a late 80s American hard-core punk style, with shades of Blink 182 and possibly Faith No More. I reached out on Facebook to see if anybody knew anything about this band and it turns out they had a pretty serious following.
Lead Guitarist Jeff Yonker actually just moved to Tennessee and told me through messenger that for years they tried to get a reunion together , but nothing ever came from that. Maybe once the pandemic is over they will return to Kalamazoo and play one last show. Either way, I got a rare find and will enjoy spinning it often.
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