Michigan numbers are dropping dramatically.  How is Kalamazoo County doing?

Kalamazoo County has reported only 6 new Covid-19 cases Monday (May 25th) and 1 new case Tuesday (May 26th.)  Right now Kalamazoo has a total of 805 cases with 116 people hospitalized and 51 dead.

(Updated: September 28th 7:40 A.M.) Looking at Kalamazoo County's zip code break down you can see the hot spots.  Below are the 6 zip codes with the most confirmed cases.

49001 = 100+ confirmed Covid-19 cases
49009 = 100+ confirmed Covid-19 cases
49008 = 100+ confirmed Covid-19 cases
49048 = 100+ confirmed Covid-19 cases
49007 = 100+ confirmed Covid-19 cases
49006 = 100+ confirmed Covid-19 cases

Kalamazoo County has released their data with very easy to follow graphs that break down new daily cases, total cases by sex, age, race and zip code.  You can see the graphs and maps by clicking here.

Kalamazoo County does point out the following limitations to this zip code map,

This map represents the number of laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 by self-reported, residential address within a Kalamazoo County zip code. Zip codes are outlined by arbitrary borders. Size and populations are not equal between them. Mapping by zip code is limited by the type of disease being mapped and over what time period. It is important to note that people are often exposed to COVID-19 outside of their home zip code, for example at work, school or a business in another zip code.

We will keep you up to date on these numbers each weekday.

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