Cats get a bad rap for not being as affectionate as their canine counterparts, but science has proven that they become just as attached to their humans as any other pet. Felines just have a different way of showing it. We all know that purring is a sign of kitty contentment, but there are other subtle ways our cats tell us they're happy and feel safe. Showing their belly, for example, or to sleeping in the same room as their owner are huge signs of love and trust. Cats have been a favorite companion of humans for so long, in fact, scientists say they developed their signature meow as a way to communicate us. They're more than just pretty to look at; they're pretty remarkable, and they deserve Hug a Cat Day.

Every year shelters around the country get an influx of feline friends, thanks to a time of the year known as "Kitten Season". Many litters are born mid-March and it's right around this time of year that the new kittens become available for adoption. The SPCA of Southwest Michigan is open by appointment right now, as is the Kalamazoo Cat Cafe. Now might be a great time to make a new friend and give them a forever home.

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