Are we about to break a record for the most consecutive days below freezing in Southwest Michigan?

If you think it's been colder than usual lately, you're not wrong.  According to based on data collected between 1985-2015 Kalamazoo has an average high temp of 34° and low of 20°.

Our last day above the freezing point in Kalamazoo to date was February 4th.  We have a projected high of 37° in Kalamazoo on Tuesday, February 23rd according to  That will be 18 days straight below 32°.  I reached out to our local weather expert Jeff Porter at WWMT Channel 3.  He pointed out that we ended January on a cold not too,
Last 5 days of January 2021: at or below freezing. (27th through the 31st)
Meteorologist Jeff Porter also told us that we didn't have any long stretches of consecutive days at or below freezing last year as he shared the following weather data with us.
2018: 10 day stretch February 4th through the 13th.
2017: 15 day stretch from December 24th, 2017 through January 7th, 2018.
2016: We had two 8 day stretches on or below freezing; February 9th through the 16th and December 13th through the 20th.

Then I remembered the winter of 2014.  Remember how incredibly cold it got that year.  We had lots of days below zero.  According to Kalamazoo also had 11 consecutive days below freezing in January followed by 28 consecutive days at 32° or below from January 21st to February 17th.

The most recent consecutive temp record Kalamazoo broke was in July of 2020.  Southwest Michigan spent 10 straight days in the 90's for the first time in more than 50 years.
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