I think I found one of my favorite new sides of Tiktok. Teacher Tiktok! Would that be TeachTok? TikTeach? I don't know. Youths, help me out!

Recently, I stumbled upon the account of Amy Perry, a kindergarten teacher right here in southwest Michigan. Amy was born and raised in west Michigan and has been teaching in the area for 15 years.

What immediately caught my attention was Ms. Perry's impressions of her students. As someone who worked for a time as a teacher's assistant at a preschool I can relate to kids saying the most ridiculous, yet hilarious, things.

But, that's not all she does. Ms. Perry also uses her platform to share projects that she's using in her classroom. Like this incredibly interactive way to teach her kids about polar bears:

And shows how she works in popular "slang" to make sure her kids know she's not a normal teacher. She's a cool teacher.

After 15 years working with kids, Ms. Perry (is it weird that I feel like I have to call her that because she's a teacher? 😆) also has some great tips for every day things with kids. In one of her most viewed videos, with over 1 million views, she shares a trick to help kids put on their winter coat.

Briefly chatting with Amy, she said that seeing the dramatic growth in her students over the course of a year and knowing she's responsible is her favorite part about teaching. Well that and the constant laughs she gets thanks to the random things her kids say.

When I asked her why she decided to join Tiktok she told me it was originally to see if it would be appropriate for her 12 year old daughter (she said the answer was NO). But, then she found other amazing teachers on Tiktok, started learning from them, and decided to stay. Now, she has over 100k followers and over 3 million views on her videos.

If you need a laugh, just want to experience the pure joy that she radiates, or are a teacher looking for some inspiration, check out Amy Perry on Tiktok @perry_teaching_kinders!

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